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The most extensive on-line database with more than 10000 hotel & lodging facilities in Greece & the Greek Islands.

Greek Hotel Guide

An online guide for Greece hotels, apartments, studios, villas, rooms to let accommodation in Greece & the Greek Islands

Greek Hotels

Guide to Greek Hotels, Apartments, Studios, Luxury Villas, Suites, & Rooms to let in Greece & the Greek Islands

Corfu Hotels & Travel Guide

Offers useful travel information about Corfu for hotels, car rental, sightseeing, beaches & more..

Andros Hotels Guide

Andros hotels, apartments, studios, villas, rooms for rent accommodation & information about Andros, Greece.

Athens Hotels Guide

Athens City Travel & hotels guide for accommodation in and around Athens Greece

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Budget & luxury hotels in Santorini


The online guide to Hotels in Greece & the Greek Islands

The home of Greek Gods, and the birthplace of democracy, Greece is well known for its ancient history and what it has offered civilization. The Olympic Games, Hippocrates, Archimedes to name a few. Greece is a beautiful country with great weather, crystal clear seas, and exotic sandy beaches, There are many places to travel to in Greece and the Greek islands.

  • Population is approximately 10,601,527.
  • The capitol of Greece is Athens.
  • Language - Greek (official), English, French
  • Currency - EURO

    Airports in Greece

    Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" a newly built airport located in Spata not far from the center of Athens Greece.

    For information about flights, charters, reservations ect..

    : Tel. (+3010) 35 30 000

    Ports / Harbours in Greece

    Piraeus port is the main harbour where you will find ferries, cruise ships, flying dolphins ( hydrofoils ) to all greek islands, The second major port is Rafina. For information about ferry schedules, routes, tickets, destinations ect..

    Piraeus Port Authority, tel : (+3010) 0104226000
    Rafina Port Authority, tel: (+3010) 0294022300

    Metro / Train Stations in Greece

    To travel around Athens there is the metro, recently built it is a great way to get around Athens city. For travelling outside of Athens There are train stations for most major citys and villages all over Greece.

    Athens City Bus Route Information (+3010) 185
    Railway Information (+3010) 52 97 777, 36 24 402-6, 36 28 370
    Peloponese Train Station (+3010) 51 31 601
    Larisis Train Station (+3010) 52 98 837, 82 37 741

    Buses & Public Transportation in Greece

    For travel outside of Athens There are Bus Terminals for most major citys and villages all over Greece.
  • Kifissos Bus Station has buses to Peloponnese, western Greece and the Ionian Islands. tel: (+3010) 51 24 910-1, 51 32 601
  • Liosion Bus Station
  • has buses to central and northern Greece. tel: (+3010) 8317153

    Taxis in Greece

    A cheap easy way to travel around Athens and Greece are taxis, Most taxis have air conditioning which is a must in summer, Rates start at 0,73 EURO, You can hail a taxi in the street or book one by phoning a local cab company.

    Taxis in Athens are yellow and for outside of Athens they are different colours like gray or red depending on what city in Greece they are from. Car Rental in Greece

    If you want to explore Greece the best way is to rent a car. There are many places to visit such as archaeological sites, museums, monasteries, and beaches for swimming. You can also rent a motorcycle or scooter which is convenient for escaping Athens traffic jams.

    Useful Telephone Numbers

  • Police: 100
  • Emergency Medical Assistance: 176
  • First Aid Center: 166
  • ELPA Tourist Information Service: 174
  • ELPA Road Assistance: 104
  • Fire Department: 199
  • Tourist Police (GNTO): 171